Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good day-good things happening!

Today was a busy-but good day! It started with church this morning and Preschool Praise. Then, we went to have lunch at one of our favorite restaurants- Palio's- and then back home for a couple hours before I had to be back up at church for a VBS meeting. It's so hard to believe that we are already getting ready for VBS again! The time has flown by. This will be my third year to teach the VBS music/dances to the first graders. I really enjoy it, and am always impressed at how much the children learn in 4 short days. There are usually a few students from my school that attend our VBS, so it's a neat opportunity to get to know them in a "church" environment as well. :-)

I took a bike ride after the VBS meeting, and it was a beautiful afternoon. Since it had just rained, there was a cool breeze in the air, and everything seemed clean and fresh. The honeysuckle smelled SO good! The only bad thing was the dozens of gnats that I think I swallowed while I was riding! :-)

During my ride, I kept thinking about a situation in my life right now that I am not entirely happy with. I was complaining (in my mind) and whining, and feeling pretty sorry for myself. Then, Father broke in and turned it all around on me. "What are YOU doing or not doing that could help the situation?" "Are YOU doing your part?" "Are you praying over this?" "What should YOU be doing?" "Focus on that, and trust ME to take care of the things you cannot control." Wow!! Not really what I wanted to "hear", but so very very true. And although it put some responsibility on me and took away my pity party, it also gave me peace. For that, I am so thankful! :-)

On another note, I am working really hard right now to leave behind some bad eating habits. Two things: I LOVE chocolate and other sweets, and I LOVE Cokes. Unfortunately, they make you fat and unhealthy. Why can't I LOVE broccoli instead? So...I am really trying to cut back. Luckily, it helps to take the bike rides because it's a lot of work to ride 13.5 miles, and I can't stand to think about "wasting" the effort by eating junk. I have now gone.....DRUMROLL PLEASE...5 WHOLE DAYS without a Coke! Yay! And my mother-in-law dropped off one of her "best-chocolate-pies-in-the-world" last week and I only ate ONE thin slice! That's progress!

So, good things are happening- God is continuing to work on me to handle situations in life the way He would have me to, I am now in a pretty good habit of exercising regularly, and I am working on replacing unhealthy eating habits with more healthy choices. Good things!

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