Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Been Awhile...Hello There!

Wow! I don't think I wrote on my blog once over the summer! I guess it was due to a combination of two things: One-I was trying to be the ultimate lazy person and not do much of anything=TOTAL relaxation, and Two-The types of things God was dealing with my mind, my heart, and my spirit with over the summer were not really blog-appropriate things. Some things are just between you and God-ya know? Well, and your spouse- unfortunately (maybe) for Jeff, I tend to tell him everything I'm thinking/feeling! :-)

But, rest assured, thankfully, even though I took a long break from blogging, God did not take a break from working in my life and growing and changing me. Probably the biggest thing he dealt with me on over the summer was just forgiveness and letting go. In big things and in little ones. Ultimately, forgiveness is for the forgiver, not for the person we are to forgive. Seems like given our natural selfish natures, this should be an easier concept to grasp, but it is so hard sometimes. But, forgiveness means freedom, and I am ALL about that! :-)

Things are pretty much the same overall. I am still riding my bike as often as I can. I just got back from an 18 mile ride this evening, and the weather was beautiful! Over the summer I still rode a few times each week-I just had to wait until 7:00pm or so to begin my ride since it was so blasted hot out!

School has gotten off to a pretty good start. My schedule is super-crazy because we have about a million kids in our school! :-) I leave most days absolutely exhausted, but I tell you what- we have the BEST kids at Eagle Ridge! And I am not just saying that- we really have some awesome kids. They feel like family to me, and since I see all 777 of them, that makes for a really big family! I am blessed!

Will and Colin are both playing fall baseball. One of my VERY FAVORITE things to do in life is watch my boys play baseball. I don't, however, like the busy-ness of practice, games, etc. in the fall. The fall is such a crazy time with school starting and all, and I always feel the need to have my home life be a "soft place to land" after the "stressful beginning-of-the-school-year" days. But right now, it's busy wherever I am- home or school. Jeff and I have already decided that next fall, we will take a break! :-)

Today has been a REALLY good day! We didn't have any plans- didn't have to be anywhere at any given time, so we got to sleep in! Then, we had a family breakfast full of laughter around our kitchen table. Later, I got the laundry done for the weekend, did 2 school projects, and took my bike ride. Jeff took the boys to shoot their bows earlier-something they have been wanting to do all week, but we didn't have time for. Now, Jeff and I are watching the Rangers! Yay! My kind of Saturday!

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