Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Great Day/Some Stress...

Well, let me start by saying that today was a great day! It started off at church where I got to hear a just-graduated Marine tell about how he led another recruit to Christ at boot camp. Next, Will had another All Star baseball game and they WON!!! Yay! That might not seem like a huge deal, but for Will's team it was. They have played 7 games together this summer, and this was the FIRST one that they won! I have felt SO bad for the boys each time they've lost a game. They've been beaten pretty badly (15-1, etc.) But, today was "their" day, and they won their game! And the best part about it was that each boy did something wonderful that contributed to the win. I have wanted (and prayed) so much for the boys to each have something to feel good about themselves for from a game, and today it happened! Way to go, Keller Blue!

On the way home from the game, we decided to go see Cars 2- cute movie! After the movie, we got ahold of my parents who had just landed at DFW from Cabo San Lucas, so we went to pick them up from the airport and then went to eat dinner at El Fenix. So....great day!

I have a huge prayer request if I happen to cross your mind sometime while you're praying. Like MANY people, I am waiting to find out whether I still have a job next year. I am an elementary school librarian in Keller ISD at Independence Elementary School. Since the TRE (tax increase election) did NOT pass, I stand the chance of being laid-off from my job. I LOVE my job-it is the absolute PERFECT fit for me. I had to get a librarian certificate added on to my elementary education certificate in order to be a librarian (it's actually a Master's degree). There were 8 classes I had to take online with UNT in order to do this. It was a lot of work (and a lot of money), but I did it, and have been working the dream job for the last three years. I DON'T want to lose my job.

Needless to say, I've been a little...stressed! And I am trying SO hard to trust God throughout this whole thing. I KNOW in my mind and heart that God is in control and that He has a plan for me (Jeremiah 29:11). I KNOW that I can trust Him to work out the details. But, I can't stop thinking about it. It is on my mind ALL THE TIME! I wake up thinking about it, and go to sleep thinking about it. I got to the point last night that I just had to pray for the Lord to "clear my mind" so that I could sleep (and He did!)

So, does that mean I'm not trusting Him enough-the fact that I am constantly thinking about it? Is there a difference between "thinking" and "worrying" about something? Throughout this whole thing (which, by the way, started way back in January or February I think), when I have prayed about what I should do to prepare myself for the possible negative ramifications of the KISD budget on my job, I have ALWAYS gotten the same answer from the Lord. He has told me, "Wait. Just wait." Ok, So, I have just waited (not the ideal thing a determined control freak like me wants to hear!).  NISD is the only other district I've applied to, and that was just a couple of weeks ago in a moment of panic! But, I have found peace in "just waiting" up until about two weeks ago.

There are actually two things at play here in this situation. I'm nervous about my source of income being cut-off, and I'm crushed to think that this career I worked so hard for might be coming to a close. If you've ever had a job you loved, you can relate. I know I can go out and get a job that could help with our living expenses. Jeff has a really great schedule as a firefighter and could take on second job if needed to help replace some of my income. But, it's the thought of not being able to do what I LOVE that breaks my heart.

I am going to the Board Meeting tomorrow evening. I just want to hear what they have to say, and find out if they are getting closer to making some staffing decisions. I think there are going to be a lot of other people there, doing the same thing. There are so many of us hanging in the balance right now.

To end on a good note, after we got home from dinner with my parents, I had an email from a principal in Northwest ISD. I have an interview on Wednesday at 1:00 for a librarian position! Please say a prayer for me that it will go well, and that if it is God's will, that I might get a job offer out of it. Thank you so much! :-)

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