Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello, Blog World!

Ok. This summer I have decided to take up a new hobby: blogging. When I was a teenager and had a lot on my mind, I would write poems to help express what I was feeling and maybe even make sense of it all.

I find myself at this point in my life to have a lot on my mind again. Turning 40 in November brought on a lot of life reflection and examination for me. And some of it has been really...hard. WARNING: this blog is not going to be all smiley faces and roses. My goal is to be brutally honest and to not sugar coat my feelings and thoughts so that I sound perfect. I am NOT perfect. I am a 40 year old "girl" (I can't refer to myself as a "woman"-that sounds too "old") who is on a journey right now.

I'm on a journey to finally fully discover and be  completely happy with who I am. I am on a journey to learning to be thankful and content with where God has me right now (and always). But most importantly, I am on a journey to grow spiritually and to learn to trust God completely with every aspect of my life. I want to KNOW Him more. I want to have a stronger faith that He is in control-no matter what. I want to rest easily in the peace that only HE can give me. There are many things I intellectually "know" about my Lord and savior, but I want to live those beliefs out in my daily life-consistently. I am on a "Faith Journey".

This blog is ultimately for me- a way to express my thoughts and feelings and hopefully learn, grow, and change emotionally as well as spiritually. But, I invite you to come on this journey with me. Holy Spirit has a lot to teach about you?

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