Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"What I'm Reading" Wednesday

I'm going to try to make Wednesdays my day to share with you about "what I'm reading". I LOVE to read, and for Mother's Day, Jeff gave me a Kindle. Yes, I love "real" books, and I hope they NEVER go away (I AM a librarian after all!), but it has been SO nice to just push a few buttons and I have a new book to read! I don't have to go anywhere. With the Kindle, you can download a preview of a book just to see if you really want to buy it or not.

During the school year, I mostly read children's books. I am on a book committee for my district, and we read new books, discuss them, and decide whether we want to add them to our "list" of books that we recommend as "wow" books. But, now it is summer, so I am catching up on some "grown-up" books that I want to read.

I am really into memoirs/biographies right now for some reason. I recently read Shania Twain's autobiography, and it was OK. But, the book I most recently finished was WONDERFUL. It was
Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman:

Mary Beth is married to Christian music singer Steven Curtis Chapman. You might remember that a few years ago their adopted five year old daughter passed away. She was hit by a car in her driveway, and the most devastating thing was that her older brother was the one driving the car. As I read this book I was amazed and inspired by Mary Beth (and her entire family's) incredible faith that got them through this horrible accident. I highly recommend reading this book!

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