Saturday, July 23, 2011

Can We Stop Right Now...

I love remembering sweet times with the boys. One of my very favorite memories took place on a bike ride through Bear Creek Park.

The boys were probably 4 and 2, and Jeff and I had recently purchased one of those little bike trailers that small children can sit in and be pulled behind a bicycle. It was a nice Spring day, so I decided to load up my bike and the trailer in the back of the minivan and head to the park with the boys (Jeff was working).

At the park, I hooked up the trailer on the bike, strapped the boys in, and began our "nature bike ride". We saw all kinds of bugs, birds, animals, and trees on the ride. We talked as we rode about all the beautiful things that God had put in our world.

Halfway through the ride, Will's little heart was so full of joy at all of God's beauty, that he said, "We need to thank God for all of these beautiful things." I told him, that yes, we would be sure to remember that when we said our prayers that night. But, that wasn't enough for Will. That sweet little 4 year old boy asked me, "Mommy, can we stop right now and thank Jesus?" What do you say to that? Of course, I stopped the bike, got off, and knelt down right there on the bike path in Bear Creek Park (with runners and bikers passing us) and thanked Jesus with my two precious babies for all of His beauty.

Such a sweet memory and a great reminder to stop and thank our savior for the beauty that He has given us in our lives. :-)

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