Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Little Protector

Did you know that the name Will means "Protector"? I didn't until just a couple years ago. Jeff and I decided to name our first boy, "Will" because we liked it, and because "William" is a big family name in both of our families. Here are all the Williams in the Carter and Moore families:

* Jeff's middle name is William
* My dad's first name is William
* Jeff's grandfather's name was William
* My grandfather's (dad's dad) name was William

So, William is a special name in our families. I had no idea when we named our firstborn that he would live up to his name's meaning so perfectly. He has from a very early age been my little protector.

Will is a smart boy, and a deep thinker, and there is no doubt that he and I have a special bond. It is very clear to me that it matters a lot to him what I think about him and whether I am happy with him. He does NOT like me to be upset with him. In fact, he does not like me to be upset-period. He also doesn't like anyone to mess with his "mommy"!

Today Will and Colin had to come with me to a simple dr. appointment for a check up. This was not my ob/gyn, so I didn't mind if the boys came back into the examining room with me. Colin had brought his DS to play, but Will couldn't find his before we left, so he just sat there and watched as the nurse took my blood pressure and other vitals. As I sat there and watched those beautiful brown eyes watch me, all I could think about was the time Will had to come with me to an ob /gyn appointment when he was about 15 months old...

Back then, I always tried to schedule my appointments for a time when Jeff could stay home with Will, but for some reason, it hadn't worked out for that particular appointment. I brought Will's stroller for him to sit in, some toys to occupy him, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for him to eat since the appointment would overlap his lunchtime. All was going well until I sat down in the little chair for the nurse to check my blood pressure. As soon as she got the cuff on my arm, Will's little face crumpled up, and he began to cry. "Mommy!" he was saying. I just smiled and consoled him and told him I was ok. He finally calmed down when the nurse left me alone and had me go into the examining room. In there, I changed into the little gown that is always provided, and then got Will all happily settled in his stroller- with his peanut butter sandwich all torn into little bites on the tray of the stroller for him to eat. He was happy again. We talked as he ate his lunch while we waited for the doctor to come in .

The doctor and her nurse came in finally and had me lay down on the examining table. The second they started doing my exam, Will began crying again. I started apologizing, "I'm so sorry-he just doesn't like anyone doing anything to me. He thinks you're hurting me." The doctor was really sweet and unstrapped him from his stroller. By now he was really crying. She sat him on my lap (while I was laying on the table for the exam) and there he cried and ate his PB&J while I got my pap smear.

It was so funny, and so very very sweet. That precious little baby did not want anyone to hurt his mommy. He was my little protector. He has done and said several things throughout his 9 years that have further convinced me that "William" is not only a wonderful family name that we love, but also a perfect fit for my "protector" boy!

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